What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary new process that allows you to be an active participant in designing and seeing the smile you want, before treatment even begins.  It brings a whole new level of predictability to cosmetic dentistry, well beyond the capacity of conventional dental care. 

Your interaction with Dr Mark Peddey and his dental team is supported by specialised photography and video throughout the planning process. This material creates ideal visual understanding and communication for everyone involved to share.

Essentially you become a co-designer of your own treatment plan, stamping your personality and ensuring your expectations are being met in the changes being made to your smile.

Dr Peddey has never been more excited or passionate about any other dental service he offers to patients.  It is a very emotional experience.

What happens at a Digital Smile Design Appointment?

During your initial consultation, Dr Mark Peddey will listen to what your expectations are and what you wish to achieve in improving your smile. 

You will need to have x-rays, photographs and scans taken.  Dr Peddey will also examine your mouth and ascertain the overall health of your teeth. 

At this appointment you will show you a 2 dimensional image of your smile.  While using DSD software you will be able to see what results can be achieved for you in order to realise your goals.  This is a collaborative process during which Dr Mark Peddey incorporates the changes you want and discusses with you what is required to achieve your ideal smile.  In this discussion you will be advised of the advantages and disadvantages of your treatment options and you will be given an estimate of the value of the investment you are considering.

If you are keen to proceed with a second visit, Dr Peddey will use DSD 3 dimensional software and printing to design the shape, size and position of your teeth to give you the smile that you want. 

When you return for your second appointment, Dr Peddey will place replicas of your new teeth, over your existing teeth.  You will be able to clearly see how your smile looks.  This is called a ‘Mock Up’.  If you like what you see, Dr Peddey and his team will take photos of you with your new smile.  You will be able to take these home and look at the new you that we are creating.  You will also be able to consider these photographs with friends and family if you like. 

Once you are satisfied with your ‘mock up’ smile, we create a treatment plan that you’re going to be happy with. This will outline what treatments are required and a timeline for treatment that suits you.  It will detail the value of the investment necessary to achieve the smile, comfort and confidence that you are looking for.  Comfortable finance options are made available to all of our patients.

How do I make an appointment with Dr Peddey

If you can’t attend one of our free Information Evenings, or simply can’t wait, you can make an appointment for a Digital Smile Design consultation in any of the following ways:

What Can I Expect?

Here is a list of the expectations you can have of your experience at Dentistry in Elwood , so as to alleviate any concerns you may have associated with your Digital Smile Design Consultation:
  • Right from the beginning – this is in your hands, you have complete control, you have to decide to contact us and to schedule a Digital Smile Design consultation
  • We will proceed with diagnostic procedures such as scans and photos only when you agree to this
  • You will see the final result before we finalise your treatment plan which is designed to achieve the smile, comfort, and confidence that you are looking for.
  • Once we have finalised your treatment plan, you will be given a quotation and we will agree on a suitable treatment timeline.
  • You may elect to pay for your treatment plan up front, or ask our friendly team about signing up for a payment plan to repay your treatment at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • No one has a perfect smile, but Dr Mark Peddey wants to get yours as close as possible. Before we permanently place your final treatment, we will try it in your mouth and be sure that everybody is happy with the position, shape, colour and texture of the restorations and the overall quality of your new smile.

What’s Next?

First of all we need to meet properly. We both need to be sure that we can get along and that we can trust each other. When you are ready, you will make this all-important appointment. Once you are clear that there is no need to wait any longer – contact us and engage with Dr Mark Peddey’s experience and passion for Cosmetic Dentistry. Get your smile back, and engage with the world the way you have always wanted to!