Dental Implants

Q. I have heard about dental implants . What are they?

A Dental Implant therapy is now the premium service to replace important missing teeth, safely and predictably. The replacement is permanent and the new teeth feel and look like natural teeth. However it’s not only the replacement of these teeth that is important. Often the supportive bone and gum tissues are missing or seriously diminished. Regeneration or reconstructive technologies are now available for these tissues so dental implants can be replaced in a healthy and beautiful smile. Implant therapy can be single tooth, multiple teeth or replace the complete arch of top and bottom teeth. Implant Therapy is both biologically and artistically complex and a delicate professional skill. I have been providing implant therapy to my patients for 20 years and have completed internationally based advance training in nearly all areas of dental implant therapy.

Q What can I do about replacing my dentures with permanent teeth?

A. Those people that have full dentures or broken down teeth definitely suffer with inadequate tooth structure and function. A new procedure that replaces all the teeth in a day is possible. It’s a wonderful and predictable solution for these patients !

Q, How do I know if I can have dental implants?

A . A consultation is needed for a detailed discussion, examination and diagnosis. 3D x-rays are nearly always required.

Q. How much to dental implants cost?

A . Dental implants can be a substantial investment for in a client’s dental health and wellbeing. Treatment costs can start from $5,000 and depend on the complexity and extent of treatment. Often dental implants are not the only solution and other treatments may be possible.