teeth_whitening_races_1903x560   $395* In-Chair Teeth Whitening Looking to brighten your smile? Take advantage of our special in-chair teeth whitening offer, which includes a complimentary whitening consultation. Contact our friendly team today on 03 9531 0011 to arrange your complimentary whitening consultation. *Terms & Conditions: $395 In-Chair Teeth Whitening
    – Not everyone can benefit from teeth whitening – your suitability for this offer will be determined by your clinician at your complimentary teeth whitening consultation
    – This offer includes your initial complimentary teeth whitening consultation and your in-chair professional teeth whitening session
    – You must mention this promotion and pay $395 at the time of scheduling your whitening treatment
    – Offer is only available at Dentistry in Elwood
    – Some of the services may be claimable by patients with private dental insurance held with an Australian Health Fund