Teeth Whitening

Beautiful and healthy natural white smiles are now the desire of many patients of all ages. A beautiful smile is always considered a wonderful social asset improving the confidence of a person. Professional teeth whitening is a safe, effective and affordable treatment solution .I have been whitening teeth for more than 20 years. The applications of the whitening products at the clinic or at home are simple and safe. It is absolutely essential that the teeth are examined and cleaned first to determine the cause and character of the their discolouration. Aging, genetics, smoking, erosion, deep fillings and recession are just some of the causes of discolouration. In house we use the Zoom teeth whitening system. Patients also often choose Take Home Opalescence teeth whitening system to continue or maintain their new brighter smile.


Many of our patients take advantage of our complimentary whitening services as part of other dental restorative treatments, like veneers, and orthodontics. Sometimes its only a single tooth or just a few teeth whitening is required.

We can target these teeth with individual tooth whitening solutions . Patients can purchase small top up whitening kits and continue to maintain their ideal tooth colour in the comfort of their own home.


Occasionally some teeth are not able to be whitened or patient might want more whiter teeth than that tooth whitening system can deliver, or simply they may not wish to undertake ongoing home or professional whitening. For these patients, there are now fantastically minimally invasive procedures that can permanently whiten teeth like bonding or bonded ceramics. If you or a loved one are interested in this service please call our office for an appointment.

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